About us

The Norwegian Institute of Directors aims to improve value creation in Norwegian companies through good corporate governance and to contribute to development of best practice board work.
  • Create a network and an arena for sharing of thoughts and experience between fellow board members by creating a forum for open dialogue in an informal atmosphere
  • Bring energy and creative thinking in to the boardroom

In 2010, the Norwegian Institute of Directors joined ecoDa, the European Confederation of Directors’ Associations. ecoDa comprises 12 national institutes of directors, representing 60 000 board directors around Europe. Representing the Norwegian Institute of Directors, Turid Elisabeth Solvang has served on the board of ecoDa since 2010. Solvang currently (2016-2017) chairs the confederation.

The Norwegian Institute of Directors aims to cooperate with similar organizations in other countries, such as Institute of Directors in the UK and National Association of Corporate Directors in the USA.


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